AQUABYAQUA Sample Sale Leeds

I LOVE Aqua’s sample sale! The only problem(s) I find is that every time I go….

a) I NEVER have enough money on me because…

b) I end up wanting everything and then …..

c) I come home with things I wouldn’t normally buy, but did because they were under £20 and also….

d) I don’t go on the right days (when new stock is delivered) and miss all the good stuff BOOHOO!!

However I happened to be ever so lucky this time round in the sample sale as there were so many one-off items I’d never seen before up for grabs! and they were all in my size!!BONUS!

I wish I’d been paid in time as I could’ve bought more, but in the end I went for this one beauty…and I absolutely LOVE it!


I picked it up as it was really similar to my Sulphur colour Floyd dress, but this print was amazing! I’ve never seen the print on ANY of Aqua’s clothes before (and I closely follow all their seasons) and the sales lady told me it was a sample they’d made, but one that never went into production. And all for £40 – BARGAIN! 

The sample label inside states that it is from the SS14 collection (the ‘Sue Dress’) so it may well be a future Aqua dress, but I’m quite happy with my one-of-a-kind dress for now and kind of do wish they wouldn’t make any more as that would make mine less special!

The print reminds me of sweet wrappers or confetti, whichever it is I adore it and it’s going to be perfect for summer! 

Sadly Aqua’s sample sale is only lasting until the 31st January 2013, so only a few days left, but it’s definitely worth a visit and you can pick up some really good deals and pieces that are unique! Sigh… you can never have enough dresses (and shoes!)



Browns Restaurant – Leeds

I have always walked past Browns as it’s in the Light in Leeds, but after all these years it’s been there I’ve never been in until now!

TBH for ages I though it was the hotel restaurant which is probably why I’ve never been! But had a look at the menu with my sister and one dish stood out to both of us and we wanted it: Lobster Tagliatelle.

Mmm it sounded delish! I love lobster, I love cream sauce, I love pasta, therefore PERFECTION! So we went inside and the decor is really 1920’s! We got a window seat and it was nice and bright with loads of large plants inside and brown chairs around it was just really 1920’s, but it really went with the theme of restaurant!

The service was good if a bit slow, but that may have been because they were busy! The waiter we had was good though and he got my fussy order (no greens) right first time too so I was more than happy…


It was really yummy and creamy! Surprisingly there was actual quite a lot of lobster pieces underneath the pasta so you do get quite a lot in the dish. The sauce was a bit more creamy cheesy then white winey and I’ll admit it was quite a heavy meal and I couldn’t finish it, but I did enjoy it and would definitely get it again and actually I would definitely go back to Brown’s to eat again! 

We ordered a portion of fries too.. 


Looking at the rest of the menu a lot of their dishes are meat dishes and I don’t tend to go for meat dish in restaurants as I prefer pasta, but they sounded nice…

Wouldn’t say it’s the BEST place in Leeds for food, but definitely worth a visit at least once and the atmosphere and decoration gives it a great warm feel! 

Johnny Fontanes Leeds

Driving past me and my sister decided to try this new burger restaurant in Leeds called Johnny Fontanes (bit of an odd name!) I’m assuming they’re going for the classic american diner look!

Anyway I was looking forward to it and when we went on Sunday lunch time, it was so quiet! At least we got served relatively quickly! I looked at the menu which I have to say is tiny! There really isn’t much variety which could well be their downfall as if you don’t like burgers or fried chicken you’re stuck!

I got a peanut butter milkshake (again not much milkshake options here, if they offered more like what they offer in Tinseltown London, I’m sure they would be more busy!)


The milkshake was nice – I was abit confused why it was white coloured when normally a peanut butter shake would be a bit brown! Oh well.. for main I got a classic cheese burger and some cajun fries..


The burger was actually really nice, the meat and bun was very soft, cooked just right and I finished it all as it was really tasty!! The chips were quite a lot so didn’t manage to finish those though!


My sister ordered the large appetiser plater and yeah its large…


It comes with chicken wings, onion rings and both normal fries and cajun fries! 

TBH you get a lot for your money – it’s not overpriced (2 milkshakes, 1 cheeseburger and fries and large appetiser was less than £20) and the food was good too, the only thing that’s a shame is the location of the restaurant makes it perhaps unknown and therefore it’s quiet there so not much of an atmosphere!

If you want a good burger along the lines of Gourmet Burger Kitchen then Johnny Fontanes will be right up your street! 


Carluccio’s Leeds

Italian is by far my most favourite food and my diet pretty much consists of Carbonara pasta so my sister wanted to try Carluccio’s in town as we’d never been there before, but heard it was nice there. 

There’s a little shop inside the restaurant which is quite cool as they sell lots of their sauces and had a mini bakery too which all looked really good so was really looking forward to eating! 


For starters I ordered the fried Calamari which was actually really nice..



It was really crispy, you got plenty of pieces and overall tasted really nice and fresh, plus it wasn’t soggy mmm

My sister ordered the tuna fishcake for starter..


For my main as usual I got the Carbonara however I asked for Penne instead of Spaghetti as I find Spaghetti hard to eat! The waitress wrote it down that I wanted penne however when it came it was spaghetti so had to have it sent back! It didn’t take too long for a new one to come..



The sauce was a bit watery but it was quite nice although the bacon was a tad bit salty. Not my favourite Carbonara i’ve ever had, but edible! I think I actually preferred the calamari over the carbonara too!

My sister had some chicken with parma ham on it and although it was quite pricey (I think £12 region) it was quite a small portion..


Overall it was ok there, I’d go back for the starter for sure, but doubt i’d go there regularly, but worth a try I guess! 

Anthony’s Patisserie

I’ve walked past Anthony’s so many times in the Victoria Quarter Leeds and I always see so many people eating cakes and pastries so thought I’d go and give it a try when my bf came to Leeds last weekend. Now the one in the Victoria Quarter is quite a small one and they actually bake the majority of the cakes etc. in the Corn Exchange and bring them over! 

So that was a bit of a mistake as we went near the end of the day where most things had sold out! I wanted to try the injection cupcakes, but sadly most of them were all gone and they only had the minging flavours left!

I ended up ordering the chocolate and cream crepe, but I’m not a cream fan so just had the chocolate!


The crepes were a little bit small but still nice! I liked the melted chocolate but would’ve preferred it to be a sweeter!

My boyfriend had the real hot chocolate drink with cinnamon..


Apparently you couldn’t taste the cinnamon though!

A chocolate eclair pumped full of cream..


After just coming from the gym this looked a bit too fattening for me!

And a chocolate brownie..


Anthony’s was OK and i’d probably go again, but more likely go to the Corn Exchange one where they seemed to actually have the stuff on the menu available!

Here’s the online menu…

Pizza Express

Met up with my friend today and we always go Nandos but decided today that we’d go for a bit of a change and went to Pizza Express instead! Now i’m not a big pizza lover as I adore my Carbonara’s, but managed to get a pizza that i’d like.

One thing that’s like a pet hate of mine in restaurants is when waiters don’t write down what you order! I mean come on if there’s a table of 8 are really just going to go up and ask everyone what they what and remember it all! WRITE IT DOWN! Especially someone like me who is always so awkward when it comes to ordering! I don’t get the whole memorising it! I don’t know if it was just the waiter we had or if that’s what they do in Pizza Express, but I cannot stand it! and yeah.. he missed our starter! See that’s what you get for not writing it down!!

Ordered a Margarita pizza but added on some egg (I know a bit odd but I like my egg!) and some chicken and yep it was ok. I don’t eat crust especially as it was a bit burnt and too crispy for my liking! But the pizza was quite nice, bit heavy maybe because I’m not used to eating a whole pizza and I couldn’t finish it either but I’d order the same one if I went again!

Quite tomato-y too which I wasn’t a fan of, think I would’ve preferred a bbq sauce but hey-ho can’t win them all can you!


Our missed dough-balls for starter that they forgot so they gave it to us on the house which was nice and tbh when they came I was glad we didn’t have to pay for them!


Erm not very doughball shaped and thought the butter might have had a bit more flavour to it but no it’s literally a slab of butter!

My friends salad – now as I don’t eat salads I’m not sure what was in this and I didn’t try it either – I’d like to say it looked nice, but I’d be lying…


Now for desert I quite fancied the Vanilla ice cream with toffee sundae and my friend fancied the banoffee one and the nice waiter said he’d do one for us that mixed them both together rather than us having large ones each and when it came I was glad we’d shared one as they really are quite large!




I enjoyed the desert, pizza was alright I guess, nothing spectacular and starter i’d give a miss! overall ….meh!

Red Chilli Leeds

Tonight just went to Red Chilli with my colleague for dinner as we both love it there! Now you may have guessed from the name that they specialise in spicy Chinese food and obviously I don’t eat spicy food (I don’t really like anything with too much flavour!) So it’s taken me quite a few trips there to decide what I do actually like eating there!

In my opinion the best dish they have is the half Beijing Duck (with the pancakes!) now don’t do what I did one time and just order a quarter duck because that’s a completely different type of duck! The Beijing duck is really crispy, soft and just amazing! (bit oily but still yum!) and the coolest thing is that there’s a special duck chef who comes out and slices the duck for you! Now the ducks only available after 6pm and not on Saturdays’ but it’s definitely worth ordering!

Here he is, slicing away…


I also really enjoy the noodle dish with pork and green beans but without the green beans! There not spicy and quite pork flavoured if that makes sense? But still yummy, I think it’s because I enjoy that type of noodle!

Here it is with..


and without the green beans – I have to admit if you order it without the green beans it does taste slightly different, a bit more watery I think but since I’m never going to eat those green beans I might as well just save them the trouble of cooking them!


My next favourite dish in fact I think I prefer this one over the noodles but not over the duck is the salt and pepper/salt and garlic (they do both types) of soft shell baby crab!

I love my seafood like lobsters, crab, squid – I haven’t tried the more slimy stuff like oysters or mussels as they look a bit too icky! so anyway I really love the crab they’ve got as it’s a crispy batter with salt seasoning on and yeah I don’t eat the peppers but it’s so delicious!



There portions can be quite large so you’ve got to go on an empty stomach – If I know I’m going I will try not to eat all day as I get stuffed quite quickly there!

I do really like going to Red Chilli for the food – atmosphere wise when it’s busy it’s good but as it’s in a basement it’s a bit too dark for my liking (dim lights with green lights glowing!) and you can tell they’ve spent a lot of money on decorating the place out which is nice! Only thing I dislike is that there have been a few occasions where there’s just been loads of flys! Now if I’m sat outside I might expect the odd fly to come buzzing by but in a basement? How did it even get down there!!

Luckily no flys tonight!

Now my sister enjoys that sizzling fillet steak which smells really really good but I don’t like steaks much so have never tried it!

With a black bean sauce: