AQUABYAQUA Sample Sale Leeds

I LOVE Aqua’s sample sale! The only problem(s) I find is that every time I go….

a) I NEVER have enough money on me because…

b) I end up wanting everything and then …..

c) I come home with things I wouldn’t normally buy, but did because they were under £20 and also….

d) I don’t go on the right days (when new stock is delivered) and miss all the good stuff BOOHOO!!

However I happened to be ever so lucky this time round in the sample sale as there were so many one-off items I’d never seen before up for grabs! and they were all in my size!!BONUS!

I wish I’d been paid in time as I could’ve bought more, but in the end I went for this one beauty…and I absolutely LOVE it!


I picked it up as it was really similar to my Sulphur colour Floyd dress, but this print was amazing! I’ve never seen the print on ANY of Aqua’s clothes before (and I closely follow all their seasons) and the sales lady told me it was a sample they’d made, but one that never went into production. And all for £40 – BARGAIN! 

The sample label inside states that it is from the SS14 collection (the ‘Sue Dress’) so it may well be a future Aqua dress, but I’m quite happy with my one-of-a-kind dress for now and kind of do wish they wouldn’t make any more as that would make mine less special!

The print reminds me of sweet wrappers or confetti, whichever it is I adore it and it’s going to be perfect for summer! 

Sadly Aqua’s sample sale is only lasting until the 31st January 2013, so only a few days left, but it’s definitely worth a visit and you can pick up some really good deals and pieces that are unique! Sigh… you can never have enough dresses (and shoes!)